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The Client

NKD Honey Farms is built on a foundation of three generations of hands-on beekeeping experience. Dedication to the natural foods and beekeeping have been the focus of NKD Honey Farms since its inception in 1944. Their farms are located at the foothills of Adirondack Mountains, where nature is abundant with a variety of flowers that flourish in the undisturbed remote wilderness with clean air, soil and water. Their bee colonies are maintained without the use of any chemicals to meet the standards of organic certification. The beehives are specifically designed in a manner to prevent pest & mite infestation, while maintaining the integrity and purity of the honey. All beehives are strategically placed in isolated areas away from any type of contamination such as farms, highways, landfills and golf courses. This is how they ensure only the wildest, untreated and uncontaminated honey makes it from their hives to your spoon.

The Challenge 

Being in the honey industry for generations, NKD Honey Farms owners were always hands on when handling their product. The honey’s incomparable taste and quality earned them a great reputation and loyal customers who would travel from other states to purchase more honey. Unfortunately, the farm’s current packaging was not up to the standards that would allow them to expand operations and introduce their delicious product to retail establishments. Analytix Media was called upon to design a simple website that would have two major functions: first being an e-commerce retail website, second being the wholesaler back-end to streamline retail expansion plans.

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The Solution

Analytix Media designed a simple, modern e-commerce website with secure payment and checkout process. We also created a custom back-end to function as a wholesale vendor platform between the farm and retail establishments that carry their products. Analytix Media automated check-out and payment confirmation, shipping information and abandoned cart emails.

Project Features & Outcome

NKD Honey’s new website interface features a user-friendly interface and custom vendor back-end making the purchasing process quick and easy.

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What Are The Most Common Mistakes Seen During Our Website Audits?

Building an optimized, user friendly website is a considerably sophisticated task. We come across countless websites in need of major upgrades. Below, we have listed some of the most common mistakes we come across. Although these may be very basic principals, it can make or break your website's purpose, therefore costing you conversions :(

No Call To Action

Perhaps the most common issue we see time and time again, websites with absolutely no structure, no direct call to action and just plain confusing. These sites tend to be either too much or too little and hard to navigate.

Poor Use of Space

Having a clean, simple website is one thing. But, random gaps, overlapping text, excessive fonts, and terrible color schemes can deter a potential lead or sale. Fill space with content, show some info-graphics, & give your site user a reason to stay!

Using a Free Email

Nothing wrong with using a gmail account ... FOR PERSONAL USE. When it comes to your business, DO NOT use a non business email. No one will take you seriously. Business Emails are EXTREMELY cheap. We have you covered. Here you go; You're Welcome!

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