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Performance Marketing At Its Finest

Effectively improve ROI. Connect your business to qualified customers.
Our Story

We have spent years developing trusted relationships with our partners. This virtually eliminates fraud and reduces the cost of customer acquisition due to the efficiencies we’ve built. Our Client Services department can help with any and all integrated digital marketing strategies.

CPA Expertise

Our company was founded by experts who were building CPA campaigns before there was even a name for it. Our passionate team works smarter, takes a creative approach to solving problems, and raises the standard of excellence for what a performance marketing partner can do for your business.

Our Vision

Performance Marketing is the most effective way to improve ROI. Connecting your business to qualified new customers is what we do. Only pay for the qualifying leads with our CPA network determined by your specs.

So, what makes Analytix Affiliate Network different?

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Why Choose Analytix Affiliate Network?

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Top Paying Offers

The Analytix Affiliate Network consists of over 40 verticals with some of the industry's top paying offers. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know! We are here to help!

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Dedicated Account Assistant

Upon creation of your Publisher account on our network, we will assign you a dedicated account assistant, Your assistant has 1 job, to help you achieve success and assist in finding you the best offers for your verticals!

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Offer Outreach

Don't see the offers you are looking for? We have a department that specializes in reaching out to the advertiser you are looking for. Making it easy to switch all your offers to the Analytix Affiliate Network!

And above all else, your beautiful user interface is simple and easy to use! And did we mention, once on our network for 60 days, we pay weekly!

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Why Choose Analytix Affiliate Network to increase ROI?

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Premier Network Partnership

With over 500 publishers, and 40+ verticals, Analytix Affiliate Network has spent years developing trusted relationships with our network partners. Not sure? Call us for a demo!

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Pay Only on Valid Conversions

With CPA, you only pay when a defined customer action is achieved. What's that mean? Basically, you set the rules for what you want to pay for in a lead. Using integrated tools, we eliminate invalid leads.

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Integrated Marketing Solutions

When first starting out as an Advertiser on an affiliate network, one may not know where to start. Our Client Services department is dedicated in assisting you create effective ads and landing pages!

Our Process



All businesses and business goals are different and can vary from campaign to campaign. We take the time to understand your business and help create a customized plan of action.



Through market research and analyzing your current traffic, we determine your ideal customer base. We use this information to target the channels that reach those customers directly.



Upon building several variations of the campaign,, we begin testing to ensure we are converting and getting results. Keeping the most effective campaigns and scrapping the non effective ones.



We utilize many tracking tools and assist you on getting familiar with such tracking tools. Performance is measured constantly in order to alter and generate increased ROIs for your campaigns.

Customers Are Not Universal

It's one thing to run ads, it's a whole different story running an effective CPA campaign. First and foremost, you need to deliver a message to grab the attention of the customer across the right channel. It's estimated 76% of PPC and Social Ads are ineffective, Advertisers affiliate marketing will show a tremendous boost in ROI, only pay for what conversions you gain! No matter, if you are looking to acquire new clients or customers, increase sales, drive customer actions or generate leads, we have the expertise and tools to help you succeed. 


Through display ad testing, we optimize your ad and ad placements to increase ROI.

Data Monetization

Utilize your opt-in email database into revenue streams for your business, we can show you how!


We work with many effective ESP services to ensure your message is delivered to the proper audience.


Looking to increase traffic by connecting with mobile users? There are many ways to do this...


Allow your customers to find you by utilizing our optimization tools and targeting traffic sources.

Social Media

Our Social media buyers are always up to date on the newest trends and news to increase your social presence.

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