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First impressions matter. A potential customer will visit your website and make judgments about your organization before they call or visit. The impression your site makes on your audience can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your company or leave your site and turn to a competitor. Design can directly and significantly improve sales, profits and growth. Using and valuing design, brings benefits to those who understand and act on this insight have a competitive advantage over the rest.

At Analytix Media, we offer a complete package of web development services with functionality and user experience in mind. Here, we understand that design is an integral part of your online marketing strategy, which drives user experience, goal conversion and content promotion.

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Full Website Development

A website design that works for your organization is paramount. Our team of web designers understand marketing and set up web development for conversions from the structure of your pages to the navigation across your site.

UI / UX Design

If your site visitors cannot navigate your website with ease or find information they are searching for, your website cannot be an effective marketing asset. Here, at Analytix Media, we design and develop beautiful, engaging, user friendly and customer centric websites that attract, convert and delight visitors.

Routine Maintenance

Routine website maintenance is a crucial part of building and maintaining a high functioning website. Our development team takes care of monitoring and analyzing the performance of your website and makes adjustments as necessary, to ensure optimal performance at all times.



Discovery & Planning

Developing a clear plan is one of the most important steps to take in order to determine what the structure, design, and functionality of your new website will be. You and your team will have a consultation with our website developer to evaluate the state of your current website, your goals and a plan of action.


Implementation & Design

Once we have a clear understanding of your website needs, our team will begin incorporating the new design and implementing the planned changes to your website. Our team will maintain constant communication as we progress through this stage to ensure the best results.


Delivery & Results

Your new website is now published live! Our development team will continue to make adjustments as needed to improve the performance of your website.

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At Analytix Media, we develop more than just websites. By integrating e-commerce platforms and rich media, your company will be ready for growth and efficiency like never before!

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According to statistics, 50% of online visitors don’t even wait 2 seconds for website content to pop up. Slow website causes users to think it’s risky, unprotected, and unreliable. Which is why your site speed assessment is one of the first and most crucial things our team will address.

Site Speed

Our team of experts will analyze your website performance, as well as rate at which your customers are converting. Tracking conversion rates allows our team to see the performance of your web pages and apps. By optimizing your conversion rate, you can acquire more customers, increase revenue and grow your business.

Conversion Rate

A web framework is a software that supports the development of web services, web resources and provides a standard way to build and deploy web applications on the internet. Choosing the framework on which to build your platform is a predominant decision that will have an impact on any future web development efforts.


Poor website navigation structure can lead to a website that makes it difficult for users to find what they need. An easily navigable website can help you reduce bounce rate, and increase the time a visitor remains on your website. Our team will review the navigation structure of your website to eliminate unnecessary clicks.

Structure & Navigation

User interface and user experience is everything your user sees and engages with on your site. A good UI/UX design creates efficient and adequate design interactions between a consumer and your company’s products or services. As one of the last steps in our analysis, our experts will evaluate the current state of your site and make suggestions for effective improvements.


Website Development


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A successful web design primes itself for conversions from the beginning. CRO is all about making sales and increasing revenue. CRO seeks to eradicate the obstacles that halt your visitors from converting while assisting guide them towards your company’s goal action.


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Website Development

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Website Development

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Website Development

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