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Paid advertisements on social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences while reactivating your existing customers. However, unless your paid advertising is not optimized effectively, this process may result in your hard earned dollars to be ineffective, with a casual chance of seeing any conversions.

This is where our team of experienced social media experts along with their extensive knowledge of a variety of social media platforms, comes in handy. We will help you gain an understanding of your customer journey, and use this information to apply and construct more effective social media ad campaigns. As a consequence, our clients stop throwing away money on ineffective ads and witness improved results, higher conversion rate, and increased lifetime value of customers.

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Ad Creative & Copy Creation

Paid social advertising is only effective when paired with high-quality original content and multimedia strategies. At Analytix Media, our team of experts will generate exceptional creative content that is guaranteed to make your ads stand out from the crowd.

Pixel Tracking Setup

Our team of experts will set up pixel tracking across your social media channels in order to track customer behavior and gain valuable insights pertaining to their unique purchase processes. As a result, our team will have a clear understanding and ability to measure the quality of your results, and make adjustments as needed.

Testing & Optimization

Congratulations, your new paid social strategy is implemented! But our work doesn’t stop here. Our team will continue to test the advertisements and proceed to implement changes consistently to optimize results.



Map the Customer Journey

As a first step in this process, our team will take time to map what ideal customer journey should appear to be like. This consists of evaluating all your current paid efforts, competitive analysis, and audience segmentation methods.


Launch & Test Ads

Now that our team has a better understanding of your consumer, we will start launching and putting new advertisements to the test. We will develop both copy and creative assets, test new messaging, creatives, and targeting prior to finding the ideal combination.


Results & Growth

These newly implemented changes are certain to improve your paid social results. You will start noticing an increase in your customer base and their overall lifetime value, which results in higher conversion rates and revenue.

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Don’t throw away your time and money on ineffective paid social media ads. At Analytix Media, our social team can assist you in generating adequate paid social ads to provide growth like never before.

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Perceiving your customer journey and generating an effective funnel allows you to present them with relevant information at the right time. These strategies are fundamental for your efforts to have a chance at success.

Customer Journey & Funnel

Implementing proper technical strategies allows your website to operate more efficiently and to understand your customers. Our team of experts can assist you pixel tracking, and tight funnels to provide you with enough data to make better strategic decisions.

Technical Setup

Having relevant content and displaying right ads to each customer is a crucial part of paid social advertising. If your content is not relevant to your target audience, it will simply be ignored. This is why your audience segmentation and retargeting should take into account demographic, geographic, and device breakdowns.

Segmentation & Retargeting

Along with high quality creative assets, your messaging should be consistent across all social media channels. If your consumer feels confused or disconnected from your content, they are more likely to abandon your brand.

Messaging & Creative

Analyzing your paid social advertising performance based on distinct attribution windows allows us to get the idea of your current timeline. Our team will then use this information to make revisions that will result in faster growth.

Attribution Windows

Paid Social


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Paid Social

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Paid Social

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