Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is an essential marketing strategy that can drastically boost your company’s performance. In other words, it's a mechanism of encouraging the visitors of your website to take action. By including particular components and design on your website, you can eradicate the obstacles that restrict customers from making a purchase, booking a service, or converting in general.

At Analytix Media, we work with our customers to assess their existing website and establish a plot to optimize their comprehensive marketing plan. We are able to identify weak spots in a customer's journey with the help of highly developed and research-backed methods, and make effective adjustments when needed. As a result, your revised website will work for your organization, not against it.

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We analyze where visitors click on a page, how far they scroll down a page, and more, with the help of heatmaps. With this knowledge, our team of experts can detect the certain components of your website that may be preventing your users from converting.

Analyze & Present

We gather and evaluate an array of metrics, including heat mapping, and analyze this data thoroughly to identify essential trends and insights. These findings are then presented to you in along with a plan of action to focus on any issues and make imperative changes to your website.

Test & Experiment

Our team of experts will implement the plan we prepared, to begin with small yet crucial adjustments to your site. While observing the outcomes, we will exercise techniques such as A/B testing to calibrate our original findings and produce impactful results.



Analyze Your & Competitor’s Websites

Employing best practices, alongside conversion data and heat maps, our team of experts begin by analyzing your website, as well your competitors. Our team will then evaluate your data and metrics we gather to deliver an extensive picture of existing interferences and potential solutions.


Implement Changes & Test

After developing a tailored plan, our team of experts will execute the required changes, and observe the results. Testing and analyzing these changes will give us an opportunity to regulate what works best for your unique business.


Conversion Rates Increase

While newly implemented changes encourage your customers to take clear action, you will begin to see the impact as your conversion rate and sales increase. But we don’t stop there. Our team of experts will continue to collect and analyze data in order to apply necessary changes to produce optimal results.

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One of the easiest ways to measure user engagement on your website is through scroll depth, often also referred to as scroll percentage. Users who are interested in the content will continue to scroll. Those who are not interested, usually do not scroll.

Scroll Percentage

Our team will review and optimize each form and ensure all calls to action are clear and to the point. Studies show that CTA forms that are too long or confusing, do not convert as well as clear CTAs.

CTA’S & Forms

Mobile Optimization is the practice that makes your website mobile-friendly, and results in faster loading times and overall higher customer satisfaction. Failing to optimize your website for mobile interaction, can result in visitors ending their sessions.

Mobile Optimization

Our team of experts review and analyze the navigational menu structure and overall layout of your website to detect and eradicate any obstacles your customers come across. Your customers will not be able to complete their journey and convert a sale, if they cannot navigate your website.

Layout & Navigation

Now that you have implemented changes to your website, it is crucial to optimize and streamline your checkout process in order to eradicate dissatisfaction or cart abandonment last minute.

Checkout Process



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