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  • How To "Hack" The Instagram Algorithm

    Are you up-to-date with the latest Instagram algorithm functions? In this book, our social media marketing experts broke down newest changes to explain you exactly how the algorithm works.

    Only by understanding what alerts the algorithm to show your content to your followers, you will be able to increase your organic reach.

    Our free Instagram Algorithm And How to "Hack" It e-book will explain you the 6 major factors that influence how the algorithm will display your content, and provide helpful tips to use those factors to your advantage.

  • Social Media Planner

    Social media content planner is an essential tool for any business. If increasing the online presence of your business is one of your goals, it is crucial you utilize tools and resources available.

    The Social Media Content Planner is a simple to use printable template that will guide you through defining your monthly and weekly social content goals, and assist you in developing an effective course of action.

    Our free Social Media Content Planner can help you produce and maintain a more organized routine. Schedule social media post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest ahead of time and avoid last minute brainstorm sessions to come up with new ideas.

  • E-mail Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

    Since the earliest days of on-line marketing, businesses have used emails and news letters to appeal to their existing customer alerting them on specials and sales, new promotions, and business operation updates.

    Email campaigns assist businesses with delivering their message directly to the customer with a higher rate of success than standard EDDM marketing. All while cutting down the cost of exposure to a small fraction of old-school direct mail advertising options.

    This free 20 page informational marketing tool will show you what to do and what not to do when sending email blasts to your customers, along with how to lead capture more emails from your traffic sources and increasing your inbox, open rates and conversions.

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