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Modern day consumers are continually blasted with advertisements and sales messaging attempting to incline them to patronize the latest product or service. Subsequently, the users have become more proficient at evading content and brands that they identify as false or ingenuine. So it is more necessary than ever before to produce engaging content that is significant to your audience.

At Analytix Media we work closely with our clients to develop social media campaigns that will further promote your organic audience growth. Our team of experts will generate and publish high-quality content that users have come to expect from the brands they associate with on social media.

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Content Calendar Development

As you establish an organic social media strategy, it is vital to plan and standardize your content dissemination, which can be a tedious process. Our team can relieve you of this burden and professionally oversee the development of a content calendar based on best practices.

Community Management

Our company will oversee managing your brand on an array of social media platforms. From silencing negative comments to following related brands, our team of experts will keep your social media users engaged in your content.

Photography & Video

Social media content that contains image or video, captures significantly higher engagement than that without. Our graphic design team will assist derive quality, relevant and original content to employ throughout your social content while promoting your brand identity.



Audience Insights & Strategy

We begin the process by evaluating your Social Audience groups Insights as well as your Target Audience data to foster a broader understanding of your general approach. Our experts will then utilize these insights to generate a strategic plan.


Content Development & Publishing

Subsequently, our design teams will begin generating high-quality content to employ throughout applicable social media channels. We will arrange the publishing of this content while overseeing engagement and user metrics.


Audience Growth

While you maintain publishing the content your visitors want to see, you will establish devoted followers who are interested in your upcoming content. Which in return will increase your engagement and effectiveness.

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In order to successfully identify the course of action, we need to start with evaluation and analysis. Our team of experts will itemize all the content and engagement for every social media channel your organization is using.

Current Activity

Our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis pertaining to follower and engagement metrics of your social media channels to grasp a full understanding of your current position. This knowledge will help us establish steps necessary to move forward.

Following Size & Engagement

The most popular brands don’t just provide consistent content, they also engage with their users and maintain communication. Our team will analyze your current level of engagement, noting any improvements that are needed.

Community Management

Persistent branding is essential in establishing your social media presence because it promotes your brand recognition. Our graphic design team will analyze and spot any inconsistent or arbitrary branding that might be damaging to your brand.

Brand Aesthetic

Our social media experts will review all your current social media resources such as video, images, and other brand identity elements. We will take account of which components will be fundamental for the new approach, and which elements should be discarded.

Social Assets

Social Media


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Paid Social

Our team will review social media analytics, inspect your paid social media advertisement, and compare your results to competitors that may be affecting your company’s performance. This will allow us to launch a practical and tactical campaign that will promote the growth of organic following.


Influencers have emerged into an efficient and innovative marketing channel. Our expert team will govern this complicated progress from beginning to end, including draft, negotiations, development and result tracking.


Creative marketing is a service that assesses the inconsistencies in your existing marketing needs and aims to furnish them with eye catching, cohesive brand identity elements to be employed across all your social and digital channels.

Social Media

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Social Media

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