You can use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns in an effective manner to improve search results and awareness about your brand. At the same time, an unproductive PPC strategy can cost you money and time. It’ll give you haphazard results and prevent you from reaching your target audience.

Analytix Media offers you the expertise of a team of qualified and experienced PPC professionals who have handled numerous PPC campaigns. They have performed everything from programmatic efforts to search ads. Our specialists will closely analyze all aspects of your practice to produce a holistic PPC campaign that will fetch maximum number of clicks.

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Paid search is a valuable strategy to get a high ranking on search engines by using the correct search words. Our experts will do a keyword analysis to decide effective ways to help you get the most of your investment and stay ahead of competitors.


Display adverts are a great way to boost awareness about your brand, as you can place them across the web. At the same time, you might end up scattering your advertising spend because the volume is high. Our specialists will assess your current plan and deploy targeting to improve the impact of your brand’s display adverts.


Remarketing ads present an array of avenues to pursue. Our team will help you formulate an efficient retargeting strategy so that you can better comprehend where to engage your customers and make them convert quickly.



Analysis & Audit

Our squad will conduct a detailed PPC analysis and audit of your existing strategy. The information will be used to help you select the right channels and develop a potent campaign plan.


Launch & Testing

Then, we will deploy your PPC campaign and start analyzing the results. We’ll continuously test and improve your campaign and make it undergo numerous iterations to increase its effectiveness.


Optimization & Results

Our team will assist you to implement feedback and improve your campaign to beat your competitors. Better PPC results mean more revenue for your business.

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Our experts will evaluate your past tactics to get a baseline for developing new plans. We’ll examine your previous targeted efforts, used channels, and more to decide the next strategies.

Historical Analysis

Our professionals will utilize a reliable checklist that we have created to learn about your accounts’ current health. We will use this information to spot issues and gaps that need rectification.

Checklist of Account Health

Our team will look at ways to improve your strategy and pinpoint missed opportunities which could be leveraged to interact more closely with your clients.

Wasted Spend & Missed Opportunities

To be sure, your account structure heavily influences your campaign success. Our team will review your account health and improve it as required. The content of your adverts has a big impact on your outcomes. Our team will evaluate each ad copy you are using to examine its effectiveness.

Keyword & Ad Copy Analysis

Our team will look at ways to improve your strategy and pinpoint missed opportunities which could be leveraged to interact more closely with your clients.

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Paid Social

Our team will review social media analytics, inspect your paid social media advertisement, and compare your results to competitors that may be affecting your company’s performance. This will allow us to launch a practical and tactical campaign that will promote the growth of organic following.


We hire experts in researching, planning and executing a marketing strategy that works for businesses. Our SEO strategy utilizes metadata, keyword research, link building, content, that will help your site rank well on search engines, and generate more qualified traffic.


We create relevant content that will attract, convert and bring value to your target audience until they become loyal brand advocates.


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