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Effective digital marketing includes efficient use of influencers that guide a big audience across numerous social platforms. Their followers regularly read their content and trust their opinions. Conventionally, it will cost your business big bucks to reach such a large audience, but with influencer marketing you can do the same with just a small amount of free product samples.

Analytix Media has revolutionized the management of influencer marketing. Our expertise and experience helps us devise and handle mutually beneficial influencer partnerships. We are ready to deliver our capabilities to boost your business.

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Campaign Initiation & Development

Our team will collaborate closely with you to create effective strategies for influencer campaigns and launch them. We can ideate together to determine your business objectives and which types of influencers we should employ to reach those goals.

Management of Image Rights

It is essential to determine and efficiently handle the management of image use permissions for generated content. Our professionals will collaborate with selected influencers to help you get the rights for future use.

Creation of Partnership Contracts

It is smart for your business to get all the terms and conditions of the contract in writing. We can assist you by handling the whole contract creation and negotiation procedure to help your company engage in a transparent and clear arrangement with influencers.




First, we’ll identify suitable influencers for your brand that can help to achieve your objectives. Then, we’ll generate creative briefs to address campaign agreements, releases of image rights, and influencers’ posts. These briefs can be improved later with relevant details.



Then, we will contact our selected influencers and finalize the agreement terms. After the conditions are confirmed, we’ll launch the campaign.



Our campaign can help you get benefits such as acquiring new customers, improvement in brand awareness, and gaining valuable assets that you can utilize for future marketing initiatives.

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We’ll thoroughly analyze your past campaigns and partnerships and their results. Then we’ll decide what should be continued and what should be changed and improved.

Evaluation of Past Campaigns & Partnerships

It is sensible to understand the strengths and abilities of an influencer before deciding to employ them. We’ll help you to comprehend each influencer’s style and voice so you can determine if they suit your branding strategies.

Sampling of Influencers

Our expertise will help you avoid selecting the wrong influencers. We’ll help you pinpoint the ideal influencers for your campaign that can help you reach and engage new audience segments.

Selection of Suitable Influencers

We’ll asses your competitors’ campaigns to help you understand the needs of your market. By comprehending your competitors’ tactics, you can spot growth opportunities for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Our team will evaluate the general legal requirements we normally have when collaborating with social influencers. If your company requires industry-specific points, this is the time our team will incorporate such points into your agreement.

Legal Requirements

Influencer Outreach


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Influencer Outreach

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Influencer Outreach

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Influencer Outreach

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Influencer Outreach

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Influencer Outreach

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