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Designing stunning websites, advertisements, print material and apparel demands an artist’s vision and touch. Analytix Media offers you the expertise of a team of designers who collaborate with our researchers and strategists to create fascinating brand stories that echo in spaces much like tech, IT, manufacturing as well as economic development. This is where imagination takes control with photography, illustrations, colors, videos, and typography united into gleaming, consistent branding experiences.

Our expert team of graphic designers composed and produced virtually every imaginable type of creative and collateral, over the years of combined experiences. When you choose Analytix Media, not only will you get the slickest print material, backdrops, or brochures, but you will be thrilled to know that it integrates with the rest of your brand identity.

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Visual Aesthetics

Graphic design can be a powerful tool in persuading the target audience to pay attention to the design behind the brand. Your design is how individuals identify your brand, it can either send them rushing to you for products or services, or it can send them running away.

Power of Persuasion

First impressions matter. It takes only several seconds for individuals to develop a sense of comfort and connection to a brand, website, logo, or design. Graphic design is extremely important to your business and its goals.


Taking advantage of your designs in the most effective way will advertise business objectives and boost brand recognition. The design development has the ability to point out what people want and take it to the next level by developing a smart way for the audience to associate with the business design.




We start the design process by strategizing. Our squad will review and establish the goals that will reach your audience members. Your audience will be enabled to identify and relate with your unique business, product, or service.


Building on Concepts

Our team will develop several concepts to provide you with some choices. We will observe and analyse your feedback to further develop your design.



And the process is complete! In many marketing agencies, the design process can take weeks, even months. At Analytix Media, it only takes a couple of hours to a few days to complete your design project!

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Our experts will assess your company’s needs and the design brief while considering your keywords, deliverables, and industry. This step will enable us to determine how long the design process will take, and factor this into your design project timeline. During the process of design, our team will often refer back to the brief in order to make sure your designs align with brief objectives.

Design Brief & Review

Research is a crucial step in the design process. This step gives us an opportunity to be more engaged with the needs of you and your company, to ensure that your design is far superior than the competition. The research points during this process will include your target demographic, history and culture of your brand, brand value and vision, as well as industry and competition research.

Research & Discovery

Our team will combine all the ideas together by exploring and testing typefaces, and creating symbols.

Brainstorm & Sketch

Our team will design several finished concepts to present you with some choices. We will listen and evaluate your feedback and your opinion on perspective concepts, taking them into consideration. This step enables our design team to further develop and be more devoted to one design.

Building on Concepts

We understand that you might want to mix and match from a couple of concepts we present, or you might want us to develop something completely different. Our team will keep up the communication with you in order to make sure your design expectations are not just met, but also exceeded.

Evolving Your Concepts

Graphic Design


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Graphic Design

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