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Does your brand properly portray your message? Is your Brand Identity clear?
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California Green Cross



California Green Cross
The Client

California Green Cross is a fully licensed and compliant adult-use and medical-use cannabis retailer. California Green Cross carries a wide selection of most popular cannabis brands and products at an affordable price. They believe in doing the driving, and stopping, and sitting in traffic, because their customers work hard and deserve to enjoy their time off. With California Green Cross, a customer won’t have to choose between being a responsible shopper and sacrificing the quality.

The Challenge 

After legalization of cannabis for adult-use purposes, California Green Cross faced a new challenge: how to appeal to the recreational market. Before the reform, their brand was identified with the medicinal market - clean and modern font, and of course a round green logo with cross sign in the center, very similar to the one of the Red Cross. While that worked for California Green Cross before, their new target audience would have a difficult time relating a good time with something that reminded them of a visit to a hospital.

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The Solution

After consulting with the client and evaluating their needs, Analytix Media had an idea of what image California Green Cross wanted to portray to their clientele. Since California Green Cross was all about keeping a simple and clean look, while needing to add a splash of fun to relate to their new expanded market, Analytix Media designed a logo with the company's full name in it, while adding several design elements that identified it as a cannabis delivery service.

The Work

California Green Cross was extremely happy with their new brand image. On top of that, we curated a color scheme for the company to be used with their new logo in print collateral, training manuals, corporate documents, and digital sources. With their eye-catching brand, California Green Cross has been leaving lasting impressions on their loyal customers.


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