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Does your brand properly portray your message? Is your Brand Identity clear?
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Crafted Cannabis


Product Development

Crafted Cannabis
The Client

Crafted Cannabis Company is a brand developed and distributed by the Green Cliff Farms in the San Francisco Bay area. Crafted Cannabis product line includes packaged dry flower, pre rolled joints, solvent-free concentrates and THC-infused topical creams.

The Challenge 

The client’s cultivation and distribution company was no stranger to fathering cannabis brands. Unfortunately for them not all of those brands succeeded. Yet the client desired a new product line to be somewhat similar to some of the original failed brands. It posed a challenge for Analytix Media to educate the client why some of the past brands were meant for failure from the beginning, and to present a new approach for product development and branding.

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The Solution

Analytix Media Brand and Product Development Team began the process by establishing a clear idea of client’s vision, purpose and brand message to position the new product line into a unique promise that portrays everything the client and their new brand stand for. Our team of graphic designers in collaboration with the product development team curated a new product line that met the client’s original specifications, with added innovative and modern twist to the original failed idea.

The Work

Green Cliff Farms launched their new product brand within an specified timeline. New brand has a clean modern look and a color scheme to differentiate indica, sativa and hybrid strains. Their premium product line features a bit more glamorous design with gold packaging, while maintaining brand integrity and their cannabis type-specific color scheme.


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