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Does your brand properly portray your message? Is your Brand Identity clear?
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Product Development

The Client

Nutrivapors is a premium vapor juice company established in 2012, at the height of the E-Cigarette breakthrough. Nutrivapors specializes in organic vape juice collections with fruit-based taste profiles made with organic extracts and a premium smooth flavor unparalleled to their competition. NutriVapors provides alternative smokeless tobacco solutions for those trying to limit or quit unhealthy cigarette consumption.

The Challenge 

NutriVapors faced the same issue as many other e-cigarette companies: they all look like clone versions of another. Given the organic ingredients NutriVapors was using for their vape flavors, NutriVapors found it challenging to show consumers why their vape juice was superior. NutriVapors requested brand and product development assistance from Analytix Media.

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The Solution

Analytix Media’s Branding and Product development teams went to work with NutriVapors executives presenting revolutionary packaging samples and displays. To present their superior product as such, it was recommended NutriVapors step away from their plastic packaging. Upon presenting several design options and product mockups, NutriVapors chose Analytix Media’s metal vapor bottle design.

The Work

New metal product packaging with modern design demonstrated NutriVapors’ superiority as a quality flavored tobacco alternative.


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