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Clever Finances


Conversion Rate Optimization

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The Client

Clever Finances is a mortgage and refinance lead broker assisting some of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States. Clever Finances generates live mortgage and refinance leads which are in turn sold off to the highest bidding wholesale lenders. Clever Finances also functions as an affiliate for many financial service and assistance companies, selling leads from debt forgiveness to payday loans.

The Challenge 

Collecting more than 100,000 subscribers over 2 decades, Clever Finances saw a low open rate in any email campaigns sent through their marketing division. Furthermore, they generated a bare minimum of refinance leads required by their partner wholesale lender. Low conversion rate was a direct result of confusing landing pages and no direct call to actions targeted towards organic traffic. Smarter Paths team decided it was time to make changes and evolve with the competition. his is when they hired Analytix Media to develop a new PPC strategy and optimize conversion rates to reduce cost-per-click and increase ROI.

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The Solution

Analytix Media understood that majority of Clever Finances revenue came from high quality converting leads sold to wholesale lenders. Analytix Media proposed an innovative marketing strategy that would not only convert more refinance leads but also cross market other partner offers they had under their belt. This in turn would generate multiple sources of revenue of a single conversion. Analytix Media designed a vast array of landing pages within the site to test conversions per page. With the use of behavioral analytics tools and website performance analytics tools, Analytix Media visually graphed the effectiveness of each landing page and correlation demographic used in each test, allowing for adjustments to optimize pages. On top of that, Analytix Media’s new landing pages would allow Clever Finances to later add the refinance converted leads to email campaigns containing related offers.

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The Results are In!

Clever Finances was joyous to see high conversion rates as a result of optimizations. In over 20 years in business, Clever Finances was able to restructure their ad campaigns and climb back to the top of their industry.

Clever Finances
Clever Finances
Clever Finances

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