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Daylight Energy



76% of online paid marketing efforts see zero to little results. Don't waste your $$$!
The Client

Daylight Energy provides customized solar solutions to Californians to help them save thousands annually on electricity bills. Their Team of seasoned professionals assess current energy use and recommends the best package for their customers. With no money down options, Daylight Energy can lock in lower rates. Not only will that lower your electricity bill instantly, but overtime it virtually eliminates it. With their in-house installation team, Daylight Energy completes installs quick and easy.

The Challenge 

Daylight Energy solutions came to Analytix Media for assistance with generating new solar leads for their sales team. Purchasing leads from 3rd parties is usually not cost effective, and in the solar industry, it can cost as much as $300 per lead. For a newly established company, such expenses can put a cap on growth.

It was up to Analytix Media to develop a coherent paid advertising campaign to generate leads and optimize PPC ads to reduce the cost per lead, putting Daylight Solar on the right path to success.

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The Solution

Analytix Media assisted in designing a series of Pay Per Click campaigns primarily with Google Adwords. Through multiple series of A/B test campaigns, strategic analysis and optimization, Analytix Media was able to successfully optimize targeted PPC ads dropping cost per user acquisition and exponentially increasing site members.

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The Results are In!

With the new powerful PPC strategy, Daylight Energy Solutions was able to successfully increase conversion rate by more than 170%, while reaping the benefits of 800% ROI.

Daylight Energy
Go Daylight Energy Solar
Go Daylight Energy Solar

*statistics and screenshot may not represent current data

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