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Smarter Paths


Conversion Rate Optimization

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The Client

Smarter Paths is a mortgage and refinance lead broker servicing some of the largest mortgage lenders in the nation. Smarter Paths generates live mortgage and refinance leads which are in turn sold off to the highest bidding wholesale lenders. Providing quality and high converting leads is a key factor in Smarter Paths overall success.

The Challenge 

Smarter Paths faced challenges generating leads with their existing landing pages. With terrifyingly low CPC (cost per conversion) ratio on their existing landing page, Smarter Paths was struggling to survive. The higher their CPC, the lower their profit margins on their converting leads. Smarter Paths seeked to optimize their conversions with the assistance of Analytix Media. In addition, their website required a face lift and a new SEO strategy that can give Smarter Paths a jump start at outranking the competition.

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The Solution

Analytix Media wanted to address the high cost per conversion issue immediately. Through web development, Analytix Media built a series of landing pages to use for separate A/B testing, weeding out less effective landing pages and demographics as small batch tests commenced. Analytix Media integrated behavioral analytics software, specifically heat maps plugin as well as general website analytics tracking software in order to more effectively analyse the A/B tests groups. Prioritizing Smarter Path’s revenue stream, Analytix Media was swiftly able to compile new ads, landing pages and an entire new website without interfering with any current operations and leads Smarter Paths was still acquiring.

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The Results are In!

Smarter Paths was thrilled at the professionalism Analytix Media operated by. With their new PPC strategy, Smarter Paths reduced their conversion cost by almost $9, and saw a tremendous increase in ROI.

Smarter Paths
Smarter Paths
Smarter Paths

*statistics and screenshot may not represent current data

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