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101 Smart Money



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The Client

101 Smart Money is a website that functions as information and resource hub for young American adults. 101 Smart Money offers a number of financial resources for college attendees and recent college graduates. The site provides valuable information about local and interstate employment offers, student debt and financial resources, continued education, free online classes and more. 101 Smart Money was devised to assist college students and connect them with local communities.

The Challenge 

101 Smart Money did not clearly understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Majority of their users and website traffic consisted of referral traffic from social media accounts of other college students using or sharing their services and PPC ads. With very few content articles, 101 Smart Money also had issues retaining site users for more than a minute with a drop off score of approximately 70% (which is incredibly high!)

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The Solution

Analytix Media conducted a SEO audit to identify other issues 101 Smart Money’s website comprised. After a new site build, the basic SEO strategies were rectified. To progress 101 Smart Money’s needs, Analytix Media conducted a key word analysis and commissioned approximately 100+ original content articles for 101 Smart Money’s blog section. With high quality backlinks and ongoing content creation, 101 Smart Money has been gaining organic subscribers daily.

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Progress is Key!

Through the use of content marketing and strategic keywords, 101 Smart Money’s organic traffic increased by almost 300%! And it’s a well known fact: more organic/free traffic = more leads and profitable conversions.

101 Smart Money
101 Smart Money
101 Smart Money

*statistics and screenshot may not represent current data

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