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Clever Finances



How does your SEO or content marketing stack up against your competition?
The Client

Clever Finances is a mortgage and refinance lead broker assisting some of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States. Clever Finances generates live mortgage and refinance leads which are in turn sold off to the highest bidding wholesale lenders. Clever Finances also functions as an affiliate for many financial service and assistance companies, selling leads from debt forgiveness to payday loans.

The Challenge 

Clever Finances marketing division outsourced their SEO work to a marketing agency. Unhappy with the results, they sought an outside analysis to get clear view of current situation and reasons for under-performance. During their free SEO analysis, Analytix Media recorded the Clever Finances website containing over 3,000 backlinks, most of which were very low quality or dead links. Search engines such as Google, devalue a website, which can harm a sites overall SEO score. On top of that, the website’s meta tags were improperly implemented and confusing for a search engine to crawl. Seeing that their outsourced SEO marketing efforts ended up hurting their overall website SEO score rather than help it. Clever Finances sought out Analytix Media's expertise to devise a new strategy that would boost their SEO score.

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The Solution

Analytix Media’s Search Engine Optimization professionals devised an initial 3 month plan to assist Clever Finances with getting back on track. First, Analytix Media corrected a number of critical SEO errors including Meta Tag issues and dead links, and improved site speed with optimized image sizes. The larger task included rectifying the back link issue. Our SEO team worked relentlessly to create more effective backlinks and user blogs on industry relevant sites. We also removed dead links and created more engaging content with improved user experience.

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Progress is Key!

As we explained to Clever Finances, SEO work can take time but it is crucial in the long run. Through website analytics, the client observed increase in organic traffic with less drop offs and longer times spent on page by their users.

Clever Finances
Clever Finances
Clever Finances

*statistics and screenshot may not represent current data

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