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VIP Room Key


Social Media

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The Client

VIP Room Key is an online travel shopping company for individual and group travels. VIP Room Key not only assists in finding the lowest rates on hotels in over 700 cities but also is a one stop shop for tourist activities, discount flights, and more.

The Challenge 

VIP Room Key provides travel solutions with a small team, competing against exceptionally large enterprises with in-house marketing teams and extensive advertising budgets. VIP Room Key has been flying under the radar since its commencement but wanted to take the spotlight with a social media marketing strategy that reveals their technology and value to the consumer.

While their PPC ads successfully converted customers on their website, VIP Room Key’s social media presence was non-existent. Understanding the importance of social media marketing efforts, VIP Room Key hired Analytix Media to expand their marketing efforts through Paid Social Media Advertising.

The Solution

In order to launch the Paid Social Media Advertising Campaign, Analytics Media first had to establish VIP Room Key’s online presence on a variety of social media channels. Initially, our design team developed a series of branded graphics for consistent social media feed posts. Analytix Media assisted in finding the right pictures for hotels showing the different types of rooms and main features of the hotels. Next, our social media marketing experts conducted a market research and generated a list of optimal hashtags with Geo-location targeting. We created a consistent posting schedule and automated content posting process for each social media channel.

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The Outcome

With beautiful and engaging photos, optimal hashtags and consistent posting schedule, VIP Room Key’s social media channels became a powerful marketing tool with an average weekly impressions of over 27K!

VIP Room Key
VIP Room Key
VIP Room Key
How we helped an online travel shopping company establish social media presence and develop an impressive paid social marketing strategy.

*statistics and screenshot may not represent current data


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