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E-mail Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

Email Marketing

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Email marketing doesn't have to be rocket science. But it can be if you don't have a clue where to start.


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Email Marketing

Since the earliest days of on-line marketing, businesses have used emails and news letters to appeal to their existing customer alerting them on specials and sales, new promotions, and business operation updates.

Just like EDDM that preceded email marketing, email campaigns assist businesses with delivering their message directly to the customer with a higher rate of success than standard EDDM marketing. All while cutting down the cost of exposure to a small fraction of old-school direct mail advertising options.

This free 20 page informational marketing tool will show you what to do and what not to do when sending email blasts to your customers, along with how to lead capture more emails from your traffic sources and increasing your inbox, open rates and conversions.

Let's Overview

The success of your email campaign is conditional on the quality of your email list. But where do you get these lists from? Here you will learn tactics to collect email addresses to send to existing, prospective, and qualified recipients in order for your campaign to succeed.

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How to Get Email Contacts

In this e-book you will learn how to compose an email campaign that provides valuable information and converts the customer. Whether you're looking for basic campaign ideas, subject line and CTA best practices, or simply trying to make your campaign more appealing, our 5 concepts of successful email campaign will sure put you on the right track.

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How to Piece Together a Campaign

What is A/B testing and how can you apply it your email marketing efforts? You will find the answer to this question and learn the latest techniques to optimize your email open and conversion rates in our FREE Email Marketing Guide For Small Businesses.

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A/B Testing & How to Use It

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Email Marketing Guide for Small Business
Email Marketing Guide for Small Business
Email Marketing Guide for Small Business
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Email is used both for one-to-one messages as well as general blasts to recipients across the globe.

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Content is really king in digital marketing and this fact holds true in 2020. Here you'll find insightful stats on content marketing.


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