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One Fire

One Fire

The Client

One Fire is a popular cannabis brand developed and distributed by 916Supply - a state licensed Cannabis Distributor in Northern California. One Fire product line includes packaged dry cannabis flower and a selection of pre-rolled ready for consumption joints.

The Challenge

916Supply - a state licensed Cannabis Distribution company in a very competitive market, faced a challenges attempting to wholesale unbranded products to cannabis retailers. The major weak link holding them back from reaching their full potential was the fact the cannabis consumers simply preferred established brands over products no one knew about. Both retail establishments and consumers were willing to pay more for something that was more visually appealing. In addition, many customers formed brand loyalty, resulting in repeat business for all channels in the cannabis industry. Analytix Media was tasked to create a bright and appealing cannabis brand that would appeal to many audiences and demographics.

The Solution

Analytix Media Branding and Product Development Teams began the process by establishing a clear vision of client’s vision, purpose and brand message to position the new product line into a unique promise that portrays everything the client and their new brand stands for. Our team of graphic designers in collaboration with the product development team created a new product line that not only met, but exceeded the client’s specifications. Clean and bright, each strain features its own unique design, while keeping a single color design reducing packaging printing and production cost.


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