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Effective Tips to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Email is used both for one-to-one messages as well as general blasts to recipients across the globe. Marketers find it a great method to communicate with their audience, but this popular channel also has some challenges. Email users typically receive numerous messages every day. A Radicati Group study indicates that about 4.9 billion email accounts are being actively used worldwide to send and receive around 225 billion messages each day. This means on average a business user gets 92 emails per day.

Most of these messages are consigned to the trash as they are not relevant. To make your emails pertinent, you can use tips ranging from mobile optimization, delivering at appropriate times, and requesting recipients to whitelist the email address you send from.

Our recommendation to enhance your open rates is a consistent focus on the life cycle of your emails. This means concentrating on your readers, the content, and the design of your messages and steps to perform after delivery. We cover four main aspects of email marketing to help you attract your audience’s attention, boost your website’s traffic, and obtain more hot leads.

Send Relevant and Valuable Content

You should focus on preparing and delivering resonant and compelling content to your audience, otherwise, they’ll ignore your messages.

Subject lines

Use actionable and snappy subject lines to attract the attention of the reader. The subject line should be a teaser that impels the reader to open the message to learn more about your offer. It should:

  • Create a feeling of personality, urgency or exclusivity

  • Use humor

  • Pose a persuasive query

  • Quote testimonials, metrics, and statistics

Body content

Clarity is important and the body content should focus on providing information. Make your message clear, concise, and simple to understand. Use short paragraphs and sentences, and keep your text on-point to communicate your offer effectively.

Make Your Messages Visually Appealing

An attractive design is important to arrest the audience’s attention. Our brain is drawn to visual information so it is essential to create a forceful first impression on the reader. You can do this with striking imagery. Your customers have multiple ways to engage with your and other brands. Therefore, it is vital to differentiate your messages with compelling visual branding and design to produce a feeling of recognition with your recipients.

Experiment Boldly

Make your messages stand out by testing and using various design and content styles. You can try a range of variables to attract your audience. Accomplish this with A/B testing which compares similar emails to determine which one provides better performance. Use A/B testing to get information on the following points:

  • The ideal time or day to deliver messages

  • Effect subject lines to use

  • Which name to utilize in the “From” section

  • Whether tags should be merged

  • Whether certain calls to action, content or templates impact engagement

Analyze the click and open rates of two test emails sent to a few sample subscribers. You can measure the engagement and learn which one’s performance is better. Deliver the winning message to all your other subscribers.

A/B testing enables you to experiment freely, learn about, and implement the newest marketing trends and ensure your messages are fresh and resonant. This can make your emails more compelling to your audience, attract their interest, and improve your click and open rates.

Monitor Your Results

Your campaign does not end after email delivery. It is important to track its effectiveness and make improvements to ensure your messages get more attention. Email automation applications can be used for more than just scheduling message sending. They also offer reporting and analytics features that you can utilize to refine and enhance your messages as required.

Some solutions notify you when a recipient opens your email. This enables you to follow up with them to close the deal. For sure, this method is slightly controversial but is being used by top companies like HubSpot and LinkedIn. Therefore, do proper research and select a fitting email marketing software tool that offers these capabilities.


Emails have short life expectancy because they are widely used. To fight this aspect, you should carefully craft your email marketing programs throughout their whole lifecycle – from beginning to end. Focus on creating pertinent and compelling content and attractive design, and send the emails at the most appropriate times to targeted audience segments. These strategies can help you connect more effectively with subscribers and boost your open and click rates.

With that being said, take advantage of the free download of our Guide to Email Marketing. Don't be a rookie and make simple avoidable mistakes. Watch your deliverability and open rates explode!

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