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101 Smart Money

101 Smart Money

The Client

101 Smart Money is a website that functions as information and resource hub for young American adults. 101 Smart Money offers a number of financial resources for college attendees and recent college graduates. The site provides valuable information about local and interstate employment offers, student debt and financial resources, continued education, free online classes and more. 101 Smart Money was devised to assist college students and connect them with local communities.

The Challenge

Being built on a simple website builder such as Squarespace by a group of UC Davis college students, 101 Smart Money lacked that professional touch on their website. Many areas of the site required improvements: visual page aesthetics, Call-to-Actions and simple organizational issues. The website was extremely difficult to navigate deterring their target audience - college students. Although the idea behind the project was one benefiting the entire community, 101 Smart Money faced the critical issue of sustaining returning users. Limited functionality, bare content pages, broken links and a confusing user experience made it clear that a new website would be just as much work as optimizing the existing website.

The Solution

Analytix Media executed a series of website tests on 101 Smart Money as if our team was an ideal target user. Through our initial analysis, Analytix Media was able to determine hierarchy of importance for the website owners in regards to what is to be showcased as a priority on the website. Through extensive research, design and development, Analytix Media presented a more user friendly website with pertinent content, constant updates on student related financial information and a custom Free Members Area for users to gain access to exclusive content and employment offers.

Services Provided


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