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California Green Cross

California Green Cross

The Client

California Green Cross is a fully licensed and compliant adult-use and medical-use cannabis retailer. California Green Cross carries a wide selection of most popular cannabis brands and products at an affordable price. They believe in doing the driving, and stopping, and sitting in traffic, because their customers work hard and deserve to enjoy their time off. With California Green Cross, a customer won’t have to choose between being a responsible shopper and sacrificing the quality.

The Challenge

California Green Cross was encountering issues with their online delivery and e-commerce platform, while showing their true value and quality products to the customer. They were having a difficult time standing out in a very competitive cannabis market.

In addition, their site needed improvements to make their website comply with state and local cannabis laws and information disclosure requirements.

The Solution

After comparing their existing website and the list of Client’s specifications, the decision was made to build a completely new site. Analytix Media designed and developed a brand-new website that was easy to use and focused on driving sales and populated it with content.

New website features a clean bright interface, custom-established Geo-location zones and corresponding order requirements. Analytix Media created a custom platform that allowed users to upload their required documentation and California Green Cross staff members to view, verify, and update that information as needed. If user information was incomplete, or documentation was expired, staff members were able to decline or freeze user accounts.

In addition, Analytix Media developed a new branding strategy for California Green Cross to show their true value to consumers. CGC’s new logo was clean and professional, easy to use on print material, uniforms, and digital artwork.

With their new brand image and custom website, California Green Cross saw a conversion increase of 200%.


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