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Jewelry, Retail

Gian Marco Jewelers

Gian Marco Jewelers

The Client

Ginamarco Jewelry was established in 1959 in Milan, Italy by Giovanni Giuseppe Gianmarco. Ever since, Gianmarco's family worked relentlessly to design timeless jewelry collections that would later become known as Italy’s premier elegant accessory. Gianmarco Jewelers are known throughout the world for creating the finest collection of wearable accessories and gems. To accomplish this, their buyers are continually traveling throughout Europe finding the most exquisite designs and stones. Precise workmanship goes into every piece. All stones are cut and hand set by the most skilled of gem cutters.

The Challenge

Established in 1959, Gianmarco Jewelry successfully positioned themselves as a trusted and reputable jewelry designer and retailer in Milan, Italy. But like many family-owned businesses that were established in the last century, Gianmarco Jewelry web presence needed significant improvements. Their existing website, which was designed over a decade ago, was very outdated and served more as an ‘about us’ page rather than an effective e-commerce tool.

The client requested Analytix Media to design and develop a brand new website that doesn’t only share a history of their family-owned establishment, but also helps them take their product sales to a new global level.

The Solution

Analytix Media created a modern, bold and positive website design that radiates confidence, quality and Italian luxury. The design team worked with Gianmarco Jewelry Store’s interior colors to create brand consistency and the same shopping experience in-store and online.

The new dynamic website is built with the user experience in mind, making it easy to shop by collections, jewelry types and occasions. Working with the client’s in-house photography team, Analytix Media populated the new website with professional quality photos of current jewelry and accessory collections. Dynamic product pages feature multiple product photos from several angles, beautifully written descriptions, product features and prices that can easily be added, deleted or edited by the client. In addition, several pages have a designated banner ad space to allow Gianmarco Jewelry display their current specials, run ads and show off new arrivals. Built to primarily perform as an e-commerce website, secure checkout and payment processing features were some of the top priorities expressed to us by Gianmarco’s team. In addition, Analytix Media automated checkout confirmations, shipping and abandoned cart retargeting emails.

Services Provided


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