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Yard Bros Landscaping

Yard Bros Landscaping

The Client

Yard Bros Tree Service is a 5-star rated company servicing Solano, Yolo, and Sacramento counties. With every project, Yard Bros work with their customers to create the perfect layout for years to come. Yard Bros Tree Service can do everything that all of the other companies claim they can do and do it better, saving more money for their customers. Yard Bros have earned their customers' trust with professionalism, attention to detail, safety, and outstanding customer service. Yard Bros are on a mission to enhance local communities one property at a time.

The Challenge

Like most locally owned businesses, Yard Bros receive a majority of their clients through referrals and Yelp reviews. Yard Bros requested a Complimentary Audit from Analytix Media. Their goal was to identify areas of marketing efforts that can use improvement to fuel new prospective client leads and to expand operations. Upon initial Visibility Audit, Analytix Media observed a lack in traffic from Google - the most used search engine. Only a fraction of organic and paid website traffic was coming from Google searches. It was crucial for Yard Bros to position themselves for visibility on the internet’s most widely search engine. Analytix Media generated a strategic marketing plan to help Yard Bros meet their goals. Due to the nature of the marketing plan, and accelerated delivery time, Analytix Media split the project into three phases:

Phase 1. Develop a brand new website, and populate it with content. New site’s primary function is generating new leads for the company through clear call-to-actions which are easily crawlable by search engines based on keywords.

Phase 2. Improve local SEO position by creating and optimizing local SEO citations such as GMB (Google My Business), Angie's List and more.

Phase 3. Design variations of landing pages and conduct series of A/B Tests to optimize lead conversion rate with Google PPC Ad campaigns.

The Solution

Analytix Media designed a brand-new website with a clean and modern interface and user experience in mind. The site's content was strategically designed and placed in a way to draw user's attention to key factors when choosing their ideal landscaping service. The new website features a number of clear and direct CTAs to encourage lead generation. The site's landing pages, content and call to actions are optimized for search engines to crawl based on keywords and user location. In addition, Analytix Media created and optimized local citation listings for Yard Bros on GMB, Angie's List and Yelp, further increasing visibility and boosting local SEO rank. With previous client testimonials, before-and-after galleries, A/B tested landing pages as well as additional site content pages, Analytix Media created a website that's refined to run paid ad traffic and optimized for Search Engines to easily crawl with the use of local SEO.

Services Provided


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