Effective Ways to Boost Your Organic Facebook Reach

Brands and digital marketing agencies need to be aware of a recent change to the algorithm of Facebook which makes “meaningful interactions” more important for its News Feed. To increase relevance, brands need to engage their followers more intimately. The new algorithm marks the following interactions as meaningful:

  • Users responding to posts shared via the Messenger application

  • Conversations between followers about content in the News Feed

  • Post responses and shares

  • Comments and interactions about the live videos on a page

To fully leverage the algorithm, you need to share interactable content with your followers. You can use the below suggestions to effectively use Facebook for content marketing.

Utilize a Wide Range of Post Types

To start, use a mixture of post formats. If you post mostly photos and have experienced a fall in your brand’s exposure of late, test videos or provide a link to posts on your Facebook feed.

Brands should experiment with the latest post formats like 360 Video and Facebook Stories as the algorithm may prefer these types. Plus, this strategy enables you to deliver fresh and new content to all your viewers and ensure your feed does not become stale.

Use Live Video

Live videos are great because they produce a candid community sense in the comments portion. Your followers can connect because they experience the same unedited, raw content. Facebook reveals that live video attracts six times more engagement compared to regular videos. You should concentrate on providing engaging live video content that inspires comments and conversations which can increase your brand’s organic reach.

Post Attractive Videos and Images

Avoid pixelated videos and poor-quality images as they’ll create an unprofessional impression about your feed. However, there is no need to recruit an expert photographer to produce appealing content. You can simply take pictures on your smartphone and these can give a casual and natural feel to your Facebook feed. Ensure to provide focused images with good lighting as well as understandable audio. Add closed captioning to make your videos more accessible.

Make Engagement a Priority

Your Facebook posts will get more exposure and reach if they encourage users to interact. Content that inspires comments and conversations can boost your organic reach. Here are a few suggestions to encourage your followers to engage with one another:

  • Post content that has strong emotional traits or opinions

  • Start a competition and request feedback from users about your products or services, or ask for new recommendations

  • Launch an interactive survey or start a ‘Ask Me About Any Issue’ thread

  • Post about topics that are trending and request your readers to provide their input. Boldly ask direct queries in your posts.

Don’t Try to Increase Engagement by Baiting

Facebook lowers the ranking of News Feeds that use manipulative posts to boost engagement. This means you cannot deceive the algorithm by beseeching interaction. You need to share interesting content to boost your feed’s organic reach. Facebook penalizes the following five kinds of bait posts:

Analyze Your Engagement Stats by Time of Posting

It is important to post at the peak time for viewership and this is as vital as the quality of your content. If you share posts very early or very late, they may get buried at the News Feeds’ bottom before your followers wake up. Make full use of your analytics information by seeing peak times and days for the followers of your page in the ‘Posts’ segment in the tab ‘Page Insights’.

You can boost the odds of your content appearing in your followers’ feed if you post at the time they are active on Facebook. However, these times also attract more competition as other brands will be using the same strategy. Therefore, post your content about 15 minutes prior to your high traffic hours so that your posts appear first when users open Facebook.

Make Use of Your Employees

A lot of brands expend plenty of time planning about ways to improve their feeds’ engagement but they frequently ignore the utility of their employees. Facebook members are likelier to trust posts and content that is shared by their contacts and friends than by brands. Therefore, you should motivate your staff members to interact with and share your brand’s content for added exposure.

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