How Blogs Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

It has become essential for businesses to establish a visible web presence to boost their prospects. In addition to a website, marketers also advocate running a blog on it. Check out survey stats: 88 percent of B2B firms are utilizing blogs for content marketing, and 43 percent state that their most vital content is blogs.

Validation from Consumers

The results of operating a blog are worth it. Marketers who use blogging are 13x more likely to produce positive ROI compared to businesses that don’t. The best part is it costs little to include a blog on your website and thus it is a cost-effective and valuable tool for digital marketing.

Advantages of Blogging

Blog marketing can improve your service or product visibility. Plus, you get exposure inside your channel and with other channels for marketing cross-functionally. Let’s look at how blog marketing works:

Uses Within Own Channel

In a website, blogs function as a tool for brand advertisement and to enhance a company’s web presence.

Drives Traffic

The main advantage is blogging can help your website attract more traffic.

  • SEO value: A business site typically has few pages and only limited blog content can be added to it if it doesn’t have a social marketing component. Many firms do not regularly update basics like their company history and contact details.

Blog posts are thus important as you can include SEO keywords in your articles and help your website gain organic traffic. Your site can become more visible in search engines and will inform the search algorithms that it is active and should, therefore, be ranking higher in search results. If you don’t rank high, then consumers will not be able to reach your website and channel. This factor is vital because search engines drive 93 percent of internet traffic.

You should post fresh blog content regularly to attract more visitors which can boost your potential for profit. Gate your blog content to obtain leads from the traffic. Therefore, investing in a blog is a sound marketing strategy as it can have a big influence on your profit.

Exposure for Your Product

You can use your blog to extend your product ads by publishing posts on your product or service. Use the posts to inform your leads and prospects about your offering, how it functions, and its benefits to them.

Provide the needed information to visitors to convert them into buyers. The key is to make your content engaging so that prospects choose your product and not your competitor’s. Offer options to visitors to make them contact your company for more details.

Utilize the following suggestions for content to start with:

  • Keywords – Use keywords in every blog post and offer compelling and clear content to boost SEO performance.

  • Links – Include multiple links to direct consumers to your product inventory as well as to other pages or blog posts to gain more clicks.

  • Promote – Highlight new products and also use your blog to showcase past work.

Benefits over the Long Term

Each blog post will go into your website’s archive. As stated above, fresh content can produce new interest. But blog posts don’t have an expiration date so they continue to rank in search engine results for a long time. They can be accessed by prospects any time so they deliver long-term benefits. Thus, blog posts are stable investments.

Posts that offer lasting value are termed compounding posts. Make your content timeless to ensure it becomes compounding. This is important because one compounding blog post can produce 6x more traffic compared to six decaying posts.

HubSpot reports that 10 percent of their posts become compounding. About 70 percent of their website traffic per month is generated by older posts that also produce 90 percent of their leads in a month. Therefore, your content team should focus on creating blog posts that deliver long-term value.

Cross-Functional Benefits

Blog content is not confined to the initial platform where it is posted as it can be shared easily.

Make Your Posts Shareable

If your posts are engaging, readers will share them with their contacts. This can boost the audience for your articles. Create useful content that can be shared on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others.

Readers can also share the post link via email or text. This way your posts can gain more exposure and attract more leads. A viral post can exponentially increase traffic to your site. Further, you can share your posts on your professional and personal social media networks. This enables you to get new and free content for your social media sites.

Create a Network

Businesses with a bigger budget for blogging can hire influencers who have thousands of fans and followers. This strategy can help to push more prospects to your product and brand. Select an influencer who has a follower base that might show interest in your offering.

You can pay the influencer money or a free product to encourage them to review and promote your offering. Further, you can also use backlinks for cross-functional advertising. A link to your product or website informs search engine platforms that you are providing a useful resource to readers. Thus, networking is a low-cost and efficient method to increase brand awareness.

More Benefits of Blogging for Marketers

Apart from using your blog to attract more traffic and convert visitors into prospects, you can also utilize it as a free tool for public relations by making your brand seem more trustworthy to consumers.

Establish Authority

You can provide information to prospects on what they’re looking for and use your expertise to encourage them to buy your product. Publish plenty of information on a single subject to establish your authority on the matter. In addition, your staff can consult indexed blog posts to answer customer queries.

Your site can also be used as a reference point by users which can further build your authority. Thus, an informative blog can create a positive cycle as your knowledge can improve your search results standing, attract more traffic, and generate more leads.

Improve Consumer Relations

You can use blogging to casually engage visitors and prospects. Provide the details they require to develop trust with consumers. Further, customer trust can create loyal and returning customers, and they can also become your brand ambassadors and recommend your product to their contacts.

Encourage readers to provide their comments and opinions on the blog posts to build a relationship with them. You can use the feedback to improve your existing product and to get ideas for new products. The comments can also function as testimonials about the experience and product quality provided by your brand and can help other consumers to make informed buying decisions.

Start Your Blog Today

A blog with regular posts can enable you to easily reach a vast targeted audience wherever and whenever. It functions as the first free item for your prospects and can create the base for further interactions. Focus on delivering excellent value free of cost to convert readers into paying customers. Therefore, start publishing quality blog content today and gain more leads and customers.