How Local SEO Impacts Your Search Engine Rankings

Well-crafted SEO strategies can help to beat neighborhood competitors. However, there are constant changes in factors impacting local SEO rankings as well as search algorithms which make it a challenge to create efficient local SEO tactics.

It is important for companies with brick-and-mortar shops as well as those that offer services in a specific locality to implement effective local SEO campaigns. Well-crafted SEO strategies can help to beat neighborhood competitors. However, there are constant changes in factors impacting local SEO rankings as well as search algorithms which make it a challenge to create efficient local SEO tactics. In addition, the rising amount of local SEO programs has raised the bar for digital marketers and business owners.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Efficient local SEO strategies assist businesses to boost their site’s visibility and ranking in local search results.

Vital Local SEO Stats in 2020

  • 95% of mobile device users do local searches

  • 61% of local searches result in telephone inquiries

  • 59% of customers who do location-based local search immediately visit the shop

  • About 80% of local mobile device searches result in a store purchase

  • Over 60% of mobile searchers seek the shop’s location

  • 18% of local mobile device searches result in a sale within a day

  • Over 86% of users consult Google Maps

  • 90% of customers read web reviews before going to the store

The above stats indicate that local SEO can have a big impact on your company. You need to optimize for local searches to produce qualified sales leads. Read on to learn useful suggestions on how to use local SEO to improve your website’s Google SERP (search engine results pages) rankings.

First Tip: Conduct Detailed Keyword Researches

It is vital to use the correct keywords in local SEO programs. You should find relevant keywords that have high search volume. In addition, you require keywords that are geo-targeted. Further, you can segment them into secondary and primary key phrases and words with a specific area or region and/or city location.

An example:

Sector: digital marketing firm

Services offered: digital marketing services

Location: New York City, New York

1st keyword structure:

Primary keywords: New York digital marketing firm

Secondary keywords: New York digital marketing services, digital marketing company New York, digital marketing services New York, New York digital marketing agency

2nd keyword structure

Primary keywords: New York City digital marketing firm

Secondary keywords: New York City digital marketing agency, New York City digital marketing services, digital marketing services New York City, digital marketing company New York City

For local keyword strategies, you can boost the reach of your network by targeting your firm’s specific region as well as the chief city. Use variations to increase the target reach. But ensure all the keywords are pertinent to your company. Plus, locations should be precise to your office/store.

Additional guidelines:

  • For primary keywords, make sure to choose the chief business keywords. Follow this formula: Main product or service + location (digital marketing New York).

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and customers, and think like them. Do no use unfamiliar terms or jargon.

  • Include the keywords and phrases with the location in your meta description and title.

  • Make use of Google Autocomplete which is a keyword generation solution that can assist you to find relevant keywords and phrases for your initiatives.

  • Analyze the keyword strategies of your competitors


Second Tip: Utilize GMB (Google My Business)

You can use your Google My Business account to gain more customers by establishing brand leadership and authority on Google. This platform enables you to offer useful details to your consumers like store hours, location, and contact details. Users can also provide their reviews on your firm’s GMB account. In addition, if Google recognizes your company as an authentic one, you can easily get your firm featured in the search engine’s local search.

GMB can help to significantly boost your business’ Google rankings and can also make it simple for consumers to locate your store. This is important as users who do local searches are typically ready to buy a product or service.

It is easy to set up your GMB account as the platform is very navigable and presents numerous useful functions. You can arrange a map location, share content, upload photos, post statuses, and more. The best part is the product is free to use.

Example of GMB page.

How to Optimize Your GMB

GMB can help to boost your brand’s credibility on the web. You should use crisp and clean images to start with. Google indicates that business listings that feature high-quality photos get 42% more queries for driving guidance and also produce 42% more clicks compared to companies without images.

You should also encourage your users to provide reviews. As stated above, 95% of customers read web reviews before visiting a store. A survey by marketing firm Brightlocal reveals that 84% of customers trust web reviews. In addition, positive reviews for your business can help to boost your Google rankings.


Third Tip: Improve Your Firm’s Content Marketing Strategies

For effective digital marketing, you required concentrated content marketing strategies. For your business’ local SEO initiatives, produce a content strategy that includes your local area or city. It has now become mandatory for businesses to keep their blog and web content updated.

Here are useful content ideas for local SEO:

  • Publish promotional content and posts about a particular area/region

  • Multi-location firms should produce service pages specific to each city

  • Create videos and post articles on charity events supported by your business

  • It isn’t sufficient to use headers with an altered city name, you should also select quality keywords

  • Include keywords in your body copy and headers for content optimization

Additional guidelines:

Ensure your content strategies are up-to-date. Google as well as other leading search engines advise that websites should contain at least 1,000 words of relevant and useful content. Spread your city’s name throughout your content, but avoid keyword stuffing. This is because keyword use shouldn’t impact the content quality, so don’t overuse keywords.

Fourth Tip: Utilize Citations Efficiently

Citations are another important factor in an impactful local SEO program. Use them as part of your strategy for location optimization. Implemented efficiently, they can increase your business’ visibility on the local pack of Google. Citations enable visitors to easily access your company’s information. They mention your company name, phone number, and address. These are included in almost all digital platforms, including apps, social media, and online directories.

Many platforms only allow a business to include basic details, but a few online directories offer additional functionalities. You can feature your firm’s location, images, reviews, payment methods, business hours, descriptions, and more. Good local citations can boost your website’s search rankings. Plus, they can assist to establish consumer trust and increase your number of leads.