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How to Perform Pinterest SEO

It has become essential for today’s digital marketers to master Pinterest SEO. This is because Pinterest has evolved from just another social media network into a popular search engine where over 250 million users looking for fresh ideas and inspiration every month. This makes Pinterest an important platform for marketers. Let’s start by discussing how this platform functions.

Pinterest Algorithm

Similar to other search engine tools, Pinterest uses its own algorithm for search named “Smart Feed.” The algorithm enables you to view the most relevant pins for the search phrase you enter, rather than the freshest pins.

The algorithm decides the pin quality, rates it, delegates the interests and puts the content before searchers. Pinterest continues to grow and has become a robust platform. You should learn to perform Pinterest SEO to find marketing success on this social site.

Mastering Pinterest SEO

Refine Your Profile

Sometime back, Pinterest launched new profiles for its users. Let’s learn about the needed steps to optimize and update for growth on this social platform.


Your description is being displayed in a bigger font, different from the site location and URL. This element has become more prominent, which makes it vital to communicate clearly what users can expect your brand to display on Pinterest.

Follow these tips to write your Pinterest profile description:

  • Utilize simple and clear language

  • Offer value with your writing

  • Use popular keywords used by people to access your content

Get someone to read your Pinterest profile description. Ask them if they can easily comprehend the main points in it.

Profile Picture

Use an attractive business logo or a professional photo as your Pinterest profile image. You should aim to make your profile picture a mirror of your business’s identity and ensure it’s effortlessly recognizable. Do not use product photos that your followers cannot identify with.

Suggestion: Do not use a regular file name for the image you upload to your Pinterest account or website. Rather, include a few relevant keywords in the file name. Optimizing your pictures can make them more visible on Google Images.

For example:

  • Standard file name: 123456_T.jpg

  • Refined file name: men’s t-shirts.jpg

Cover Picture

Cover photos are now created with a mashup of your latest pins. You can select the newest pins from the entire account or the latest ones from a particular board. Remember that your profile’s cover picture is the initial thing viewers will see. Therefore, make it enticing to attract more followers.

Keyword Research

Explore Pinterest to easily perform keyword research. Utilize descriptive phrases targeted at your industry and audience, and search on the Pinterest platform. As you type, the website will auto-suggest relevant terms to assist you to refine your search. Note the words and add them to your profile, image text, board titles, and pin descriptions.

Use Descriptions Rich in Keywords

Craft a description after repinning or uploading a new pin. Make it interesting, include a few relevant keywords, and place some hashtags so that users can view all the pins which share that hashtag. Pinterest experts state that pins that have hashtags get wider distribution on the very first day of their pinning.

Sample pin description:

Are you searching for effective leg exercises for ladies? These useful leg workouts can tone and tighten you in less than minutes: #WorkoutPlans #LegWorkout #WorkoutsForWomen

Refine Your Boards

Improve your boards using smart keywords so that users can find them utilizing the search tool. Include keywords in your board’s title and descriptions. This can help you create an effective navigational flow, directing users to the things they are looking for.

Make Your Boards Organized

Make it simple for your users by organizing your boards so they can effortlessly locate your content. Organize by changing the image of your Pinterest board cover, moving boards around, deleting pins, and moving several pins between boards. By making your boards more attractive you can gain more followers.

Master the Science and Art of Pinning

You simply can’t upload an image to the platform and hope to get the best results. Many steps are required to make your pins noticeable and send leads to your business website.

Refine Pin Size

Apart from using creative and high-quality images, you also should create them in the right dimensions.

Mostly, Pinterest prefers pin sizes of 600x900 pixels or a ratio of 2:3. The platform is now trying to discourage larger-sized “Giraffe pins”. Its smart feed feature favors pins which have a ratio of 2:3 and narrate a compelling tale, encouraging users to click and find interesting content.

Text is Important

Pinterest also gives importance to your text. You can include text on pictures to encourage ‘click-throughs’ or engagement. The text will tell users the content type the pin directs to.

When including overlay text, you should:

  • Place the words over a neat background

  • Ensure crucial words are simple to read

  • Utilize just a few enticing words that encourage users to click

  • Choose simple typefaces

Make sure your images are mobile-optimized before you post as 85% of users on Pinterest use mobile devices.

Picture Colors

Pins that are created with a few main colors get much more repins compared to those with just one main color. Select images with plenty of contrast and attractive color. Make sure the picture is upbeat and pertinent to your audience and website.

Pin Frequently

Indicate you are a highly engaged user to Pinterest by pinning, interacting, commenting, and liking every day. A Social Report study indicates that it’s ideal to pin at least three times a day to get the best results. This need not be difficult as you can also repin popular images from reliable sources to develop engagement and boost your marketing strategies.

Use social media management solutions to pin regularly. For example, Tailwind offers scheduling features for Instagram and Pinterest. It permits you to:

  • Program pins at best times to increase screen time, pins and business

  • Swiftly upload multiple images

  • Use the Hashtag Finder which suggests suitable hashtags to you so you can engage new audiences

  • Measure and assess the performance of your pins

Efficient content planning is vital in any social media function. If you want to thrive in the digital landscape, it is important to develop an adequate social media routine. This downloadable content planner outlines several most popular social verticals - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest - best/worst posting times and useful insights.

Measuring Effectiveness

You should focus on monitoring vital metrics on how users are engaging with your pins and brand on the platform. Use the insights to improve and refine your marketing efforts on Pinterest and interact more closely with your consumers.

Utilize Pinterest Business Solutions

Your business account will give you access to Pinterest business applications like Rich Pins, Pinterest Analytics, and useful add-on tools for your site such as Pinterest tags, widget builders, and save buttons.

The Pinterest tag is a code piece that you can place in your website’s backend to track your visitors and their actions after they view your endorsed pin. You can use the information to measure the ROI of your advertising and create target audiences for your endorsed pins.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to dig deeper and understand your consumers’ interests better. This tool is better than Pinterest Analytics as it informs you about the traffic generated by your pins which others saved. Plus, Google Analytics can provide data on the amount of traffic driven by your pins.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics enables you to view what boards and pins are gaining the most comments, repins, and likes. You can also easily capture information about your users including their gender, residential location, the businesses and topics they show interest in, and the devices they utilize to save and view your content.

Viewer Engagement Metrics

Check out your pins on your profile on Pinterest for Business to view the engagement level of users with your Pinterest content. Each pin will have a statistics icon that gives you information on the total engagements of that pin, including the number of times it showed up on Pinterest as well as the number of saves and clicks it obtained.

This enables you to easily identify successful pins, so you can craft more winning pins going forward. Promote your images and pins to boost the number of views and enhance your metrics.

Pin Purposefully

Follow the below steps to pin purposefully:

  • Identify your ideal consumer

  • Know what they want

  • Provide useful information

  • Make your personality stand out

  • Learn how you can use Pinterest to improve your marketing strategies

Wrap Up

Now that you have learned how to master the art of Pinterest SEO, implement the above-provided tips to boost your marketing strategy on this platform. As you establish an organic social media strategy, it is vital to plan and standardize your content dissemination, which can be a tedious process. Our team can relieve you of this burden and professionally oversee the development of a content calendar based on best practices.

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