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How to Use Interactive Marketing to Engage Your Audiences

Effective consumer engagement has become essential for marketers today as people face saturated markets, short attention spans, and busy lives. It is vital to hold long conversations with customers.

93% of marketing experts state that content that is interactive is more effective at consumer engagement compared to static content. To beat the competition, you should focus on interacting more with your audiences. This article can help you by detailing efficient ways to make your marketing and social media strategies more interactive.

1. Video Content

Videos are an effective and proven marketing tool on social platforms. You can include Social TV, Instagram Stories, and other web video marketing mediums in your plans. A study indicates that the market for live streaming could top $70 billion by next year. Therefore, it should not be ignored.

Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms permit brands and users to create channels and stream live to their audience segments. These mediums enable users to contribute to, comment, and like the live videos. Streamers can directly respond to this feedback.

Consumers can use the opportunity to engage with people or brands that they admire and convey their voice to large enterprises. Brands can obtain feedback on what their audiences wish to view and their opinions about the content. Brand marketers can use this feedback to produce more effective marketing strategies.

2. Quizzes and Polls

These are simple and common ways to engage your audiences. You can interact naturally with them by giving them a question list or asking them to provide their own queries.

You can ask brand-specific questions like “What do you admire about our company’s product?”, “What features do you wish to be added?” etc. Or, you could pose broader yet brand-relevant questions. For instance, a supermarket chain can ask about the consumer’s favorite ice cream flavor.

You can use polls to produce content preferred by your audiences. By promoting their opinions and feedback, you can make them feel attached to your company and brand, and this can boost customer loyalty. The important thing is to be creative and interesting.

3. UGC (User-Generated Content)

UGC is not created by brands but by users and followers. You can share this content on the social accounts of your brand to invite your viewers to interact more. This strategy can also help to generate organic traffic.

Word-of-mouth marketing is important on social platforms. More than recommending your product to their family or friends, if consumers share positive reviews about it on social media, it can reach thousands of viewers.

UGC Example: Starbucks's #RedCupContest

UGC is genuine and provides an individualized experience for your brand’s followers. It can make your brand appear more humanized and produce a user community for your services or products, which can boost brand loyalty and trust. Plus, as social sites like Instagram are open to e-commerce, UGC can assist to increase sales. When consumers view someone they trust or an influencer using a service or product, they’ll be encouraged to buy.

4. Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is also termed engagement marketing. It enables brands to physically interact with their consumers. These exciting and immersive installations include engaging virtual reality experiences and conference booths.

Experiential marketing allows you to go beyond digital media and change your strategy’s pace. You can reach consumers in the actual world in a creative and appealing manner. This can enable you to produce lasting positive impressions on your customers that can lead to brand loyalty over the long term. Here is a great example of an experimental marketing campaign by T-Mobile.

Wrap Up

Brands can use interactive marketing to drive personal engagement with their consumers, which can in turn improve brand loyalty. Further, brands should regularly interact with their audiences to drive conversions, increase SEO, and produce effective digital strategies using captured data.

It’s not enough to deliver content and wait for conversions to happen. To succeed in today’s competitive digital world, you need to start interacting with your audiences in an appealing manner to market your service or product.

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