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Is Your Business Eligible for COVID-19 Google Ads Credits? Find Out Here

Google has started providing COVID-19 Ad credits to qualified advertisers. If your business is eligible, you will get an automatic email notification from Google, delivered to the admin registered in your account for Google Ads. If you get the email notice, go to your account’s Promotions section to check how much credit you have been given. You can find details like the amount sanctioned and the disbursal and expiration dates.

To provide relief during the present worldwide pandemic, internet giant Google is distributing $340 worth of coronavirus Google Ads credits to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) as a part of its $800 relief package for COVID-19. If your business receives the credit, you need to spend it before December 31 of this year.

Read on to learn the reason Google is distributing the credits to SMEs, Which businesses qualify to receive them, how the credits work, and their disbursal and expiry dates.

Why Google is Offering the Credits to SMEs

Google says it wishes to help SMEs stay in contact with their consumers in this challenging period. COVID-19 has increased PPC (pay per click) marketing engagement and spend in the telehealth sector. However, results are mixed for essential businesses like home improvement and others. Some contractors’ response to the crisis is to remove the ad spend. But others have increased PPC advertising to benefit from higher market share and cheaper costs.

A lot of companies have reduced their budgets for Google Ads to save money. This has led a drop in Google’s revenue; therefore it is motivating customers to keep investing in online advertising and the Google Ads credits for COVID-19 are part of this strategy.

What Businesses are Eligible?

  • SMEs that used Google Ads advertising in 10 of 12 months in 2019, and in the first two months of 2020.

  • SMEs that utilized Google Ads advertising through a digital marketing company and/or directly via Google.

  • SMEs that used Google Ads advertising and followed all the advertising policies of Google.

How Google Identifies an SME?

Google has a vague definition of an SME and both local stores, as well as enterprises with multiple locations and hundreds of staff members, fall under the term. The credits will show in the Google Ads accounts of eligible companies.

How do Credits Work?

Companies that receive the ad credit can use it for Google-owned ad campaigns this year. In specific, the credits could be used for YouTube ads, remarketing and display ads (through Google Ads), and search ads (through Google Ads).

When Google Started Disbursing the Credits

Google started distributing the ad credits for COVID-19 to eligible businesses around the end of May 2020. It sends an email notification to qualified companies and applies the credit to their account on Google Ads.

How You Can Get a Credit

Business owners need not stake a claim for their credit. If your company is eligible, Google will automatically notify you about your Google Ads credit for COVID-19. Continue tracking your notifications from Google Ads closely the rest of the year to get information if your credit has been dispersed.

Expiry Date of the Ad Credits

The credits expire by the end of December 2020 and need to be utilized before that. Google Ads will remove unused credits from your account after 31 December.

Credit Amount You’re Likely to Receive

The credit amount varies – so it won’t be the same as your friend who operates another company or your competitor firm down the road. Google decides the amount for each SME based on two elements:

  • Historical spend on Google Ads

  • Business location (country of operation)

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