How to Plan Your New E-Commerce Website

When building a new e-commerce website, you should ideally consider multiple aspects before you start the process. They are important for both you and the web design firm you hire. In this article, we outline the steps you should follow to create a high-quality website.

Select a Proven Web Design Company

To start, you should mull over hiring a website design firm that has vast experience in creating quality e-commerce platforms and is backed by qualified and experienced professionals. You should also comprehend that creating e-commerce sites is different from crafting conventional information websites.

Tips for Effective Planning

Website design projects mostly get delayed when the client does not deliver content on time. To save time and expedite progress, try to provide the following details to the developers:


You can use your existing logo if you wish to preserve your branding. Try to provide it to the design firm in a high-resolution file type such as .psd, .eps, or. ai.


Website content is very important and you should ideally have the text for the policies, ‘about us’ web page, and others ready for delivery. If you don’t have a content writer in your service, you can ask if the web development company also provides content writing services.

Examples of Sites

You should also provide examples of sites that you admire to the programmers and designers. This will help them understand your taste and learn what you’re looking for. It is important to have a unique website design but you and the designers can always take clues and learn from the top sites.

Content Management

Inform the developers about the type of content you wish to access and also that you’d prefer to manage it yourself. Generally, the designers allow you to manage most of the aspects but it pays to be clear about your needs so that the developers are able to meet them.

Product Database for E-Commerce

For an e-commerce site, you need to essentially have a product database with all the essential data. If you don’t have it, you or the developer company needs to create one by manually inputting all the product information. Try to be clear about who’ll perform this work. It is important for all e-commerce sites to have an admin feature that permits the client to effortlessly input product information without HTML or website design knowledge.

Account Credentials

The developer will ask you to present logins for your hosting account, DNS, payment gateway vendor, and others. Therefore, you need to consider the locations of these logins. If you cannot find these details quickly, there may be a delay in launching your website.

Give and Take Suggestions

Offer your input and feedback on the work progress. You know your needs well so try to convey them clearly. In addition, the developers are also professionals so take their feedback as well and implement it to ensure your website is of high quality.

Work as a Team

Building your website is a team effort and you’re part of that team. Therefore, you should readily comment and provide the website creators what they require. This will ensure smooth work progress and the developers will able to complete and deliver the project on time.

For more information or to speak with us about your plans and goals for your new website, simply fill out the contact form. We would love to help you get this ball rolling.