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Why Your Business Needs SEO Software

If you’re a marketing manager or business owner, you probably know that SEO (search engine optimization) strategies can assist your company to generate more sales, leads, and traffic on the web. This makes you realize that you need to invest in a quality SEO solution that can vault your site to the first page of Google and other search engines. In this article, we’ll help you make a smart selection decision by enlightening you on all the important aspects of SEO software that you need to know.

What is SEO Software Solution?

An SEO software tool is a product that assists you to organize, analyze, and monitor data about your site’s performance in leading search engines. This information can include website speed, backlinks, keyword trends and rankings, and more. The application gives you an overview of your website’s performance in search engine platforms for your top keywords and it can also identify opportunities for optimization.

How it Works

Search engines like Google and others crawl web pages and categorize and index the world’s largest library. When a searcher keys in a search request, Google’s crawlers analyze the term and display relevant web pages. As search crawlers use HTML language, they require extra assistance to understand the content of a page so they may index it correctly. Therefore, you need to optimize your site for search by adding extra code bits and organizing it in a specific manner that assists crawlers to comprehend, index, and categorize each page.

What it Does

The solution gauges:

  • How effectively your website is presently optimized for search engine platforms based on multiple ranking elements. Some products enable you to analyze how effectively your site’s individual pages are optimized for specific keywords.

  • The ranking of your website for your selected keyword allotments.

Kinds of SEO Software

Each kind of SEO solution serves a particular purpose:

  • Website audit solution – After selecting your best keywords, you need to use a website audit tool. This product analyzes your website’s technical aspects such as robot.txt files, mobile-friendliness, site speed, etc., and generates a data summary that can assist you to identify areas that are affecting your SEO strategies. Examples are Google Webmaster Tools and Screaming Frog.

  • Content SEO solution – Are users sharing your website content and posts on social platforms? Are you missing any content opportunities? Have you scraped your site’s content from other websites? A content SEO tool can give you the answers to the above questions. Examples are Copyscape and BuzzSumo.

  • Local SEO solution – Standard SEO concentrates on organic search engine results, while local SEO concentrates on local search outcomes, including map listing and local pack. This type of software analyzes and monitors data related to ranking elements for map and local listings, including factors like consistent NAP, reviews presence across web directories, etc. A good example is Moz Local.

  • Full-suite SEO solution – This type of application performs all of the above tasks, but only a few quality tools are available in this category. Examples are Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Ahrefs.

Do You Require an SEO solution?

The answer depends on the resources you use. If your firm has an SEO team in-house, you definitely need SEO tools. If not, you can outsource your SEO tasks to an expert third-party service. This is recommended for the following reasons:

1 | SEO Solution Rankings Are Not Reliable

For any keyword you enter, Google personalizes the search results depending on factors such as your location, search history, social connections, personal sharing, and past search queries. Therefore, it is hard to precisely measure rankings. However, business owners need not bother about using rankings to gauge their SEO success. Instead, you should focus on the sales and leads produced from your firm’s SEO campaign. Your SEO solution probably does not give you this insight.

2 | SEO Reports and Audits Cannot Correct Your Website

An SEO audit solution can only inform you that your website has said 100 broken links that are affecting your SEO negatively. But the software cannot fix this drawback for you. Further, SEO audits and reports can assist you only if they provide actionable, clear takeaway suggestions that you can implement to optimize your site.

Your in-house SEO team should have the ability to comprehend the reports generated by the software and convert them into actionable plans to enhance your site. In addition, your website should have effective tracking tools installed on it to help you measure whether your SEO initiatives are proving to be effective in creating more leads and sales for your company.

Alternatively, your business can recruit a proven SEO services firm to do the job. They can track how efficiently your site is optimized for leading search engines. Further, they can use this information to craft and implement effective SEO strategies that can boost your website rankings as well as increase online sales and leads.

Top SEO Solutions

The following are the rated effective SEO solutions by users:

Cost of SEO Software

While Google’s SEO applications are free to use, other solutions can cost more than $5,000 a year. The price depends on factors like software type, the number of features needed, and the number of users, web domains, and keywords you want to track.

If you wish to do it all yourself, you’d need to buy quite a few SEO products which can add up to a lot. Plus, you’d also need to invest plenty of time to analyze all the data and reports, and craft an effective execution strategy. Considering these points it could be more cost-efficient for your business to hire a good SEO firm that can do all the hard work for you.

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