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Why Your Business Should Be Using E-mail Marketing

In today’s marketing world, email is considered an outdated and slightly spammy strategy. But it still has a lot of power and effectiveness as this article will inform you. If implemented properly, email marketing can be an efficient method to engage with potential and existing consumers. It can deliver higher ROI (return on investment) compared to social media, banner advertising, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Read on to learn how email marketing can benefit companies of all sizes and why you should invest in this strategy.

Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is the utilization of email messages to promote your offering, product, or service. The channel can also be leveraged to keep consumers updated and informed about industry news or company changes. For instance, many brands are sending Covid-19 information and updates to their customers via email. Emails deliver dynamic, informative, and relevant content into the inboxes of potential and existing customers of these companies.

You can also use email marketing to grow and develop your brand’s relationships with your existing consumers as well as to reach and engage with warm leads and new customers. In these ways, email marketing enables you to nurture customer relationships.

Further, email marketing goes beyond sending a basic order confirmation message or newsletter. It helps guide subscribers through a multi-stage flow to attain the final conversion goal. Thus, email marketing drives results as it is persuasive and potent.

Reasons for The Success of Email Marketing

With email marketing, you can grow your business and also boost revenue and brand awareness. Let’s look at the main reasons why it has proved to be a winning marketing strategy:

Easily Measurable

You can accurately measure and track the impact of email marketing. For instance, you can find data on metrics such as the number of subscribers who opened your messages, their profiles, the number who clicked on the CTAs or links in the mails, as well as the number of purchasers and unsubscribers. You can use these insights to better understand your customers and make informed marketing decisions.

Individualized Communication

Email marketing enables you to deliver personalized marketing messages. You can use customer data to send targeted messages based on abandoned carts or previous buys. Or you can send them discounts to products they purchase repeatedly. You can learn the likes of your consumers and understand their buying patterns. Then, you can customize your offers to fit their unique requirements.

Effective Direct Marketing

Email marketing enables you to send direct messages to your subscribers’ inboxes. Thus, your special or latest deal is not dependent for success on ads or passing posts in the newsfeed that may not be seen by your target audience. You can easily monitor the results and use the data for educated decision-making. Further, email marketing directly addresses subscribers who have chosen to get details about your product or service.

Impressive ROI

As stated above, a well-planned and implemented email marketing campaign can deliver better ROI than other marketing methods. An industry survey reveals that in 2019 email marketing returned a return of $43.62 for every dollar invested. This is much better than the $22 ROI for SEO and the $20 ROI for internet display. Thus, email marketing offers double the investment returns compared to its closest competitors.

Emails are Widely Used

Most individuals use emails actively and have long-term email addresses. This allows you to maintain a connection with your users for a long time. An OptinMonster study indicates that email is the marketing medium that most people check first in the day. The report also reveals that email has more numbers of users worldwide than social channels and most people prefer to get promotional messages via this method.

More Focused

The number of popular social media platforms means you need to spend your budget on multiple networks to reach and engage your target audiences as Facebook users may not be active on Twitter or Instagram. However, email marketing enables you to select the exact audience whom you wish to reach and engage.

How Email Marketing Works Nicely With Other Tools

A bonus is email marketing can serve to improve the effectiveness of your other marketing strategies and platforms like social media, PPC (pay-per-click), and SEO:

Email marketing and social media: Top email service vendors facilitate connections with social networks. This enables you to create email segments and audiences specific to social media and deliver targeted content to them.

Email marketing and PPC: Email marketing allows you to capture hot leads from your PPC campaign by offering downloadable materials on landing pages that have forms for email signup. In addition, you can use email audiences to produce targeted PPC segments.

Email marketing and SEO: Email can boost your website’s traffic with promising prospects as it can make your existing customers visit your site regularly. Further, this also assists to boost engagement metrics on-site, which can improve sales and conversions.

What Businesses Can Benefit From E-mail Marketing

Both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) companies can enjoy the advantages of email marketing. This method helps to keep communication consistent and open between your firm and subscribers who have indicated they are interested in your products and services. You can go beyond a standard newsletter and use emails for purposes such as the following:

  • Sign up affirmation and welcome

  • Rewards or loyalty programs

  • Contests and competitions

  • Weekly updates

  • Sneak peeks at the latest products and exclusive deals

  • Company-specific updates and news

  • Special deals and offers

  • Sale announcements

  • Re-engagement campaigns

  • Abandoned cart programs

  • Order confirmations

  • Seasonal campaigns

Hire Experts to Do The Job

Most companies send emails regularly as part of an effectively-managed and sophisticated campaign. However, study stats show that most organizations do not possess the needed resources to implement profitable and effective campaigns that are optimized for tablets and mobile phones.

Analytix Media is a proven email marketing services company that can help to plan your initiatives based on best practices in the industry to ensure subscribers are engaged continuously. We can aid you to see what is proving effective and what isn’t. In addition, we have experience utilizing leading email marketing platforms and can recommend a suitable solution for your unique needs. Our team of experts can also provide content creation, copy-writing, and design services for your campaign’s requirements.

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