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LMB Cannabis Distribution

LMB Cannabis Distribution

The Client

LMB distribution is a cannabis wholesaler in the San Francisco Bay area. LMB distribution is fully licensed by the state of California and operates in compliance with all regulations of the Bureau of Cannabis Control. LMB’s distribution license puts them in a unique position to work with cannabis cultivators, manufactures and retail establishments. LMB Distribution takes pride in their quality cannabis products and outstanding customer service team.

The Challenge

After successfully finalizing a very exhausting cannabis licensing project, LMB Distribution was ready to begin their operations. However, there was one missing link that was proved to hold LMB Distribution back from reaching their full potential - their current website. After conducting extensive research on Web Design & Development Agencies with cannabis laws knowledge and experience in a lucrative cannabis industry, LMB Distribution approached Analytix Media with a request to design and develop a fully functioning website with custom features. Besides a clean and modern UX design, the client specified three utmost important criterias:

1. New site must have a custom back end that would allow the client (Vendor) and cannabis retailers (Purchaser) access their account, place wholesale product orders, track order manifest, view and approve delivery manifests, view and communicate with the delivery persons via secure channel to calibrate safe access to and departure from facilities and in some cases reject a part of, or entire manifest.

2. New site must integrate with the state mandated METRC cannabis track-and-trace system and comply with reporting requirements in real time. Each product listed or sold on their website must have METRC Batch ID number, quantity and location information at times, along with a long list of other specifications.

3. New website must comply with all strict cannabis laws and regulations.

The Solution

Although the project was an undertaking, Analytix Media was no stranger to constantly evolving California Cannabis Laws and Regulations. Currently working with many establishments in the legal cannabis industry, Analytix Media retained a legal team specializing in cannabis law to guarantee compliance at all times. While our design team worked on UI, our team of developers alongside with LMB’s compliance team, worked closely to develop all required functionalities. After integrating the website with METRC and conducting a series of tests Analytix Media finally had a functioning website on hand! Our last and final step was to populate the site with content and legally required disclosures.

Services Provided


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