15 Effective Content Marketing Methods for Your Business

There are numerous content marketing methods that you can choose from, but to start you need some creative and inspirational ideas. You can go beyond written content and include dynamic, static, visual, and audio materials as well. The content can be shared personally one-to-one, made downloadable on your site, or delivered in an email blast.

In this article, we detail 15 effective content marketing methods that can benefit both B2B and B2C audiences. You can use these ideas to add variety to your approach and achieve your sales goals. For instance, some content types can help to gain new leads via keyword targeting and consistent publishing. Others can assist you to nurture sales leads and convert them into deals. A lot of the below-given types can be used as sales material – helping to nurture and educate opportunities – and not just to produce new leads.

1. Sales Process Videos

You can make explanatory videos in which you can ask and answer general sales questions, make informal introductions, and demonstrate product walkthroughs. Further, you can use the short videos for sales enablement and email them to leads during the prospecting and sales process.

2. Customizable One-Pagers for Sales

Content is useful for the sales procedure. Produce a throng of one-pagers for sales in a solution that your sales team can utilize and modify in. This can help you align sales and marketing messaging as both teams can work together to highlight the content main points. Besides, the one-pagers can also be tailored for individual presentations to clients.

3. Add Gamification to Your Site

Gamification allows you to make your software or product experience more interactive. For instance, you can add gamification to the concept of customization by allowing your site visitors to add various functionalities to a shopping cart. You can also gamify a demo process by permitting leads to choose different applicable factors like company size, vertical, or budget. Then, you can follow up with a customized demo for their requirements. A small amount of custom development is needed for gamification experiences.

4. Interactive Quizzes

You can use quizzes to engage your target audience and to capture information about leads, for instance, by delivering quiz results through email.

5. Original Research

Performing original research can help you create a valuable and unique asset that you can offer to your clients. For example, you can generate a quarterly report and repurpose it into multiple formats. Do a thorough research and create small-sized publications that convey your information to targeted audiences. For instance, you can repurpose data portions for a specific lead segment, with a particular job title, geographic location, or company size.

6. Infographic Downloadables

Flowcharts, to-do task lists, and checklists are simple methods to swiftly share helpful and compelling information. You can either create a subject from scratch or repackage an existing content offer into multiple smaller downloadables. You can then use these for lead nurturing.

Flowcharts, to-do task lists and checklists are simple methods to swiftly share helpful and compelling information. You can either create a subject from scratch or repackage an existing content offer into multiple smaller downloadables. You can then use these for lead nurturing.

7. Free Trial

Consider offering a free trial as part of a broader nurturing tactic. However, ensure the trial includes touchpoints that provide information to leads on how to use your software. Further, you need to follow up with a sequence to ensure new members are satisfied and to encourage them to take the next steps like providing more details to continue, talking to a sales agent, or subscribing to a paid plan.

8. Top-of-the-Funnel E-books

You don’t have to prepare lengthy e-books to be effective. Simply create content offer e-books with a few informative pages and give them to leads. Describe a relevant topic to your sector in helpful, clear language. Offer downloadable e-books on your site behind forms.

Content Marketing example of downloadable e-book with several informative pages.

9. Third-Party Contributions to Establish Thought Leadership

You can publish articles and posts on third-party sites like news publishers and online magazines. Get stakeholders to present opinion articles. Another option is to post your research on a platform such as Statista. In this way, you can earn backlinks to your site and gain wider exposure as well.

10. Charts for Competitor Comparison

Create charts that compare your performance with your competitors, and share them with leads. It’s easier to digest visual information, that’s why you should use graphs or charts to display your chief differentiators.

11. Educational Blog

Blogs extend beyond just posts on company updates. You can add an effective content asset like an informative blog to your website. Post short articles every week addressing hot subjects in your sector and answering queries. In this way, you can publish new and consistent blog content to attract leads. Further, the blog can also help your keyword strategy by improving your website’s ranking in search engine platforms.

12. Certifications or Courses

Provide courses or certification classes in a related subject to your software or service. You can combine both written and video content in the courses. This can help you to inform sales leads and also get free advertising as participants will flaunt their certifications.

13. Tailored Content for Email Nurturing

Use the data in your CRM platform to segment leads by their past action or interest they indicate. Deliver email content which is based on their interest, and include useful tips as well as downloadable content offers. Today, subscribers appreciate personalized email messages that give them information about the topics they like.

14. Video Series

Produce a series of videos and offer helpful info, discuss hot topics, and interview industry leaders or stakeholders. Even low-budget, simple video creations can help you generate interest as well as new leads.

15. Visual or Written Case Studies

Start by interviewing ideal and happy clients. Obtain insights into the language they utilize and sprinkle direct testimonials throughout. Document the problem, the solution you offer, and the benefits of collaborating with your brand. You can use useful case study formats like written PDF, infographic, or video.

Wrap Up

These 15 content types are just a small sample of the available content marketing methods. Each type of content can help you achieve specific goals. You should use a mixture of content methods that provide benefits at each stage in your sales process. Finally, analyze performance metrics such as conversion rate to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing investments.